Easy to do conversational hypnosis techniques

Well, there’s a lot of things that you have to learn, including the actual principles that actually allow you to phrase suggestions – to formulate the actual hypnotic ideas, so that the unconscious mind responds to them.
These principles are so important with the Academy Of Hypnotherapy because without them you have no idea what you’re doing. You can copy what other people do, and maybe do a great performance. But you’ll always be stuck because, until someone tells you how to achieve the next step, you’ll never know.

What is off-page optimisation and why is it important for SEO?

Off-Page Optimization is pretty much what it says on the tin… It’s essentially everything that we do to our sites to help them rank that isn’t done on the site.

So things like backlinks, facebook likes, tweets etc.

And all of these things are done to kind of “fake” the popularity of our site in Google’s eyes.

The reason why is because Google needs to think that our site is popular in order to rank it.

Now of course you can create an incredible site with amazing content that people naturally want to link to or tweet about, but the problem there is that most likely it will take years before you actually see any real traction with this kind of plan of attack.

Plus, let’s say you decide to go the SEO client route and you have a client paying you each and every month to see some rankings.

Well, he’s hardly going to stick around for a long time if you tell him that we are going completely natural and we’re going to wait for people to link to our great content and like it on facebook.

Not only that but let’s say your client is in the dental niche or the insurance niche, well let’s be honest here… How amazingly interesting is a blog post about keeping your gums healthy? Or the best kind of level term life insurance?

Not very interesting at all, hence why we need to take our on-page optimization into our own hands if we want to see our site go up in Google.

Ok, so first things first.

According to Uptobyte which is an SEO service provider from London that you can find here: http://www.uptobyte.com/london-seo-services/

When we’re doing off page SEO the number one rule you need to follow is that everything need to look natural, even though we’re going to be faking everything we need it to look 100% real.

So what this means is that there can’t be any footprint left for Google to find because if there is then Google will find it for sure and serve you with a penalty.

Ok, so let’s think about this for a second.

Let’s say a new company has a new website built for their brand. What is the very next thing that would usually happen?

If they have any idea what they’re doing (or their marketing department does) then they would go out there and build out their social media presence.

So what this means is building out their profile with all the top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Linkdin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instgram, Fickr, meetup etc.

So this is exactly what we’re going to do.

Now one really awesome way to find out exactly which Social account are available for our brand is to go to a site called Knowem.com and then enter in the brand name you would like for your accounts and then Knowem will get back to you in less than 30 seconds and tell you exactly which ones are available.

What I suggest you do is sign up for the main ones that you’ve heard of before and then later of once you have some time sign up for the other ones that are available to you.
If your brand name is taken, or its too long then just choose a shortened version or a similar version or your brand name.

Next you want to fill out the profiles and make them look like a real business.

So choose a relevant profile image, fill out your details and everything else that these accounts ask for.

Next what we are going to do is start getting our first backlinks by utilising these social accounts.

Hopefully by now you have already filled out your account and so where the social account asks for a website address then you have filled in your domain, so this counts for a few backlinks already.

But now we’re going to take it one step further and use a process called Social Account Stacking and this is basically a process that we do to pile up social accounts to increase our rankings in Google an also to help diversify our anchor text.

So let’s imagine again that we have just started a brand new business then of course it makes sense that we would set up all of these social profiles and then one each one is set up we would create a Facebook post saying “Hey, we have just launched our Twitter, follow us on there”. Or “Hey we have just signed up for Google Plus, check it out here” for example.

And you can do this across all of the platforms that you sign up for, so then each social medial profile is linking to each of the other social medial profiles and each of the social media profiles also links out to your site.

What happens when you do this is you have these massively authoritative sites like Facebook that has a DA of 100 linking to another site like Twitter that has a DA of 100 and passing all of that Authority juice onto the social media profile it links to and then they social media profile links to your site and they authority gets passed to your site and gives it an incredible rank boost.

I hope this makes sense as it’s pretty straight forward, but just in case it doesn’t then I cover it in the video below: